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MEKONNEN The Warrior of Light, Part 1

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Get the first illustrated novel in the series on Amazon in paperback or kindle.

Published since April 27, 2019 on Can also be found in selected bookstores like Sankofa Bookstore and Cafe in Washington DC. Officially registered with USPTO since September 2020. From original story and artwork created by Jerome Matiyas since 1995.

Catch phrase:

When Darkness descends upon a kingdom, a Warrior must rise up to restore the Light.

An epic fantasy adventure novel with illustrations in comic book and manga style! Set in the mysterious medieval kingdoms of Ethiopia and Eritrea, a story of good versus evil with deep spiritual meaning, drawing from ancient scriptures and epic legends. 

Here comes an original tale of Mekonnen, a young warrior, who must find the parts of the Armor of God as written in sacred scrolls that enables one to fight against creatures from the Kingdoms of Darkness. The centerpiece in the Armor is the Sword of the Spirit, The Sword of Light, the most powerful weapon in the universe. #mekonnenepic

Epic Battle!

The Warriors of Light versus the Armies of Darkness!

As the Armies of Light clash with the Mysteries of Darkness, the Kingdoms of Earth are caught in the midst and the fate of all creation hangs in the balance. Mekonnen, a young warrior from the great Kingdom of Aksum in the 6th century A.D., becomes caught in the midst of this ancient conflict between good and evil. His life is changed forever when his kingdom is attacked by malevolent agents of Darkness called Dark Qataliyan, lead by a powerful sorcerer they call Lord Silver Gauntlet, who performs black magic to release these savage creatures and to resurrect Waynaba, the Serpent-king who terrorized the kingdom about 1500 years earlier. Accompanied by an eccentric holy man, Abba Shiloh the Bahetawi, they form uneasy alliances with people of various languages and tribes.

The Sword of Light

Can Mekonnen find the parts of the armor in time to defeat these deadly adversaries, and will he be able to use them effectively to accomplish his mission? Will he be spiritually, physically and emotionally prepared and be found worthy to wield the Manfasawi Sayf – The Sword of the Spirit –, also called "The Sword of Light", the most powerful and legendary weapon in the universe?

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