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Alem Getachew New Building Project Fundraiser 2021

Alem Getachew Art School GoFundMe Page:

Alem Getachew is a fine artist in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia who does not allow her disability to stop her from making a positive impact in the community in the arts and cultural development.

She has been teaching hundreds of children and young people in art education, drawing, sketching, and painting since 2004. Every summertime between June and September hundreds of local children flock to a small rental space in the Gerji area.

Attendance and enthusiasm have grown through the years and it has become obvious that they need funds to build a new facility to accommodate her students. A new location has been chosen and 3D architectural moderns drafted, so now the funds are needs to begin the laying down of the foundation and construction cost.

A small community of artists in the DC, Maryland, Virginia tri-state (DMV) has come together to help raise funds for Ms. Alem to build the art gallery and school as seen in the modern drawing.

Our goal is to raise $70,000 USD in 6 months, by June 2021 or the land may be taken away from her. Let us come together with our resources and be a part of a building project that will impact the lives of many children with the arts and remove the stigma of the disabled citizens of Ethiopia.

Alem Getachew Art School GoFundMe Page:

Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Alem Getachew

Yonas Ameha

Fenan Shma

Dawit Solomon

Jerome Matiyas

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