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Registered with Library of Congress as Mekonnen: The Warrior of Light, Part 1, August 2019, and Mekonnen: The Warrior From Aksum (Book1, Part 1, effective 9/5/2017. 

Previous registration with Library of Congress, DC USA, filed 4/2009.

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An epic fantasy adventure novel with illustrations in comic book and manga style! Set in the mysterious medieval kingdoms of Ethiopia and Eritrea, a story of good versus evil with deep spiritual meaning, drawing from ancient scriptures and epic legends. 

Here comes an original tale of Mekonnen, a young warrior, who must find the parts of the Armor of God as written in sacred scrolls that enables one to fight against creatures from the Kingdoms of Darkness. The centerpiece in the Armor is the Sword of the Spirit, The Sword of Light, the most powerful weapon in the universe. 

Do you love The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, King Arthur, Excalibur and/or Ben-Hur? Do you like comicbook art, Japanese manga, and anime?

Then you may enjoy MEKONNEN: The Warrior of Light!

(This is a 400 page novel with more than 120 illustrations, not a comic book.)


The Warrior of Light,

Part 1

When Darkness descends upon a kingdom,

a warrior must rise up to restore the Light. 

All artwork and story by Jerome Matiyas. 

Copyright 1992 to 2019 and beyond. 


Mekonnen: The Warrior of Light, Part 1


When Darkness descends upon a kingdom,

a Warrior must rise up to restore the Light.

Mekonnen is a young warrior in the Kingdom of Aksum, 6th century AD, during the reign of Emperor Gabra Masqal. After his kingdom is attacked by deadly, cloaked assassins of unknown origin, Mekonnen is caught in a cosmic battle of Light versus Darkness. 

Mekonnen is trusted into a grand adventure as he tracks down the cloaked Qataliyan (Assassins), and the evil powers and principalities they serve. He learns he must find the 7 parts of the Armor of Egziabeher (Lord God of the Universe) to defeat these formidable adversaries and other hordes of Darkness. 


~Jerome Matiyas, 2012


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