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MEKONNEN EPIC Celebrated Baba's Day! with Sankofa Books, Videos & Cafe, June 18, 2023!!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

To celebrate Black Fathers around the world Sankofa Books, Videos & Cafe hosted Baba's, Babies & Books: A Sankofa Babacue! Author & artist Jerome Matiyas was invited with Baba Bomani AKA. Baba Got Bars to display arts and talents!

It was a Blast!!

I read an excerpt from MEKONNEN: The Warrior of Light, Part 1, displayed artwork and banners. Two copies were sold from the store shelves afterwards!

Kids opened and put to together one of my jigsaw puzzles, (they got about halfway done with The Sword of Light), and about 5 copies of the comic book MEKONNEN MESQALON #1 were sold by the end of the event!!

I had the replenish more books and comics in the store the following week.

Go to MEKONNEN EPIC by Jerome Matiyas facebook and Instagram for more photos and videos from the event!

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