Prologue (an excerpt)

FOR EONS the Armies of Light have been at war with the Mysteries of Darkness as they struggle for power and reign over the various Realms, Kingdoms and Dimensions of the Universe. Now the Realms of Earth are caught in the midst of this ancient struggle and the fate of all creation hangs in the balance.

As it is written in the sacred Oracles of old, inscribed on the golden tablets by the Malakim and Erelim that are in the Highest Realms of Shamayim, then handed down as holy writ to the first enlightened ones in the Realms of Earth: In the beginning was the Ultimate, Ever existing Almighty One in whom dwells the living Word, in whom and from whom emanated illumines light and essence of love, righteousness, peace, joy and life everlasting. The Almighty Everlasting One abode in the highest places of the Kingdom Realms of Lights, His loyal subjects worshiping and ministering onto him, continually.

This is a mystery, for everything was created by and through the living Word who existed from the beginning in the Almighty One, yet the Word has manifested physically and beheld as the Elected One, the Anointed One, the Mashiach, who will stand and rule over the Kingdom Realms of Earth in peace and righteousness, and those that have been found worthy and meek, obedient, righteous and Yashar, which is to walk the Upright way, will be redeemed, and shall rule with the Elect One, forever.

On the highest mountain in the highest realm of pure beaming Light in the seventh level of Shamayim is the enthroned Almighty One, Lord of Lights in his brilliance and splendor, a spirit being no doubt of light, wind and fire, not to be perceived as mankind with flesh and blood but a real living, personal being of intelligence, knowledge, love, compassion, justice, righteousness, and holiness.

So in the beginning the Almighty One, Elohim, the supreme being with multiple attributes, through the living Word that manifest tangibly and by his Ruach, the Spirit of life and power, said,

"Let There be Light!" and there was light.

(Genesis 1:3, John 1:1, Book of Adam and Eve)

Immediately in HIS presents are the highest creatures in his creation, the Chayot Ha Kosesh, which are the four Living Creatures that worship around the throne, having the body of a four-legged beast with tail, multiple wings and multiple heads, and many eyes. They are a dreadful site for the average man of earth to behold but are the most pure and holiest of heavenly creature, praising and worshiping the Almighty Elohim continually in his presents. As it has been recorded by the ancient scribes, the face of the four creatures each bore one the likeness of a lion, the next that of an ox, the other that of an ish or man and the last that of an eagle.

Followed by the 7 Malakim that stand in the presents of the Lord Host, in the midst of a crystal clear sea of glass, and engulfed in the Shekinah clouds of glory, consuming pillars of fires of sanctification, and brilliant light of innumerable colours that the eyes of man only percieves as the colours of the earthly rainbow. The most famous of the seven to mankind are the four, Miykael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, each corresponding somewhat to the Four Living Creatures and the four cardinal points and many other quartros in the universe. The other three are Reuel, Sariel and Remiel.

In the midst of these creatures are the Ophanim which are the spinning wheels with eyes and intelligences, what some may call the Almighty's Chariot. Though their hierarchy and order vary depending the scribe and oracle that records it:

There are the Serafim, the Burning Ones, engulfed in flames within and without, in the appearance of men or eagles bearing multiple wings ranging from 1 to 3 pairs. Some earthly cultures know them as the Phoenixes of old legends.

The Cherabim, the Mighty Ones, of various likeness and beings similar to the Chayot Ha Kosesh, having the body of a 4 legged beast with the head of either a lion, an ox, an eagle or a man, having wings of 1 to 3 pairs. They fly to and from on end of Semayim to another doing the biddings of the Almighty One or his Malakim.

There are the Hashmallim that are glowing amber, Erelim or the Valiant Ones, sometimes with the face of a lion, the Bene Elohim which are Sons or Children of God that look like men at first impression but much more glorious in apparel and powerful in strength.

And the Ishim, the manlike beings that look very much like Ishim-Adam of Earthly mortals, probably the same as or a few levels lower than the Malakim and Bene Elohim since in the eyes of mortal man they look alike and inter mingle with men unnoticed until they reveal themselves by doing miraculous acts.

Now it has been recorded in the ancient Oracles that with the four Chayyot there was a fifth creature, probably even more glorious and splendid than the others. This creature's name was said to be Halaleel, attesting to his very duty as the on over covering Cherub the pronounced praise and music to the Almighty One Elohim in the annunciations of Halleluyah, continually. This Halaleel was a magnificent creature, spreading massive wing spans, his body decked and bejeweled with every precious jewel and stone imaginable, reflecting light of kaleidoscope of colours. Musical pipes and keys tunes to innumerable notes and scales built into him that emanated the most beautiful sounds the rushed from the Almighty himself. And pure cleansing fire burned within him and projected out of his mouth on queue to the heavenly choirs. Indeed he lead the choirs and they followed gloriously, and all creatures beheld him and saw that he was beautiful, even at that time his appearance with like that of what the mankind and Malakim call a Nachash, The Dragon, or a winged serpent. But back then, Eons ago, every thing the Almighty One created was still good and pure. Until something when wrong and iniquity was found in the Nachash.

As the well known story has already been written down in the ancient scrolls, it was pride that first got into the heart of Halaleel the Nachash, when he thought he was perfect enough to ascend to the highest parts of the glorious mountain of Elohim, which is the highest of seven bejeweled mountains, in the Realms of Shemayim, and dethrone and take over the reign of the Almighty One and the Word that was within him that everything most be in decency and order within the universe, no matter the realm, dimension, galaxy, solar system, planet or terra-form. The details are sketchy and have been lost through the millennia, but there was a process and that built up to the first seed of pride and rebellion in the Nachash to the gathering to himself some of the Malakim, Cherabim, Serafim, Erelim and other ranks of beings to join him in the rebellion.

For he declared, as it is written by the prophet Isaiah (Isa 14:13-14), 'I shall ascend into Shemayim, I will exalt my throne above the Stars of Elohim. I will sit upon the Mountain of the congregation, in the side of the north. '

And he went on further to declare boastfully,

'I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the most High!'

And those that he gathered to himself roared and cheered till the inner light within them faded into outer darkness.

It is suspected that at the forefront were other Cherubim and creature that resembles the Nachash's 'reptilian' features, those looking like dragons, lizards, serpents, etc. Thus were the first seeds planted in Shamayim to assemble the Armies of Darkness.

What a dark and sad time it became in that age in Shemayim, when one of the Almighty Elohims greatest creatures whom he created in love out of fire and light and precious stones, and gave him rulership over his own planet, yet Halaleel became discontent with his rank and decided to cause mutiny and rallied his armies to attempt to storm the precious pearly gate of Shamayim with many elaborate weapons.

The Almighty One, though just, and merciful, is also a protector and a warrior, so before his trusted Malakim that stand in his presents, first Miykael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, following by myriads of other creatures of Shamayim gathers in and around His holy tabernacle, Elohim, the all existent one already conferred within himself to prepare Miykael as Chief Commander of his Army and fit him in a special armour and weapons forges in the sacred fires under the Highest Mountain, which is Mount Tsion, and to lead the Armies of Shamayim into battle to stop this attack from the Nachash, formerly known as Halleleel, And his rebellious Army of Darkness.

From then on it was formally declared by the Chief Malak Sar Gabriel at a gathering of the congregation in Shamayim,

'Hear ye, all creatures of the Seven Realms of Shamayim! As announced by the Almighty One who created us all, and now inscribed on golden tablets to be written forever. The Nachash must no longer be addressed of Halaleel, for that title has been stripped from him. He has now made himself Ha Satan, The Adversary, so from hence forth, that shall be his new name and title! All praise and honour and glory to the Almighty One! '

So Miykael replaced his delicate robes of purest white for a solid silver and gold suit of armour complete with a Shield and Flaming Sword. Each piece of armour with names and anointed by the Almighty Himself through his Word and Ruach (Spirit). It was declared he bare the Sword of the Spirit of Elohim, to slice through any adversary, of spirit, wind, fire and precious stone, whatever is impure; the Shield of Faith to quench any firey spears or breath from the Nachash and his hordes.

The Helmet of Salvation to protect his head and ears from negative sounds and lies from the enemy.

The Breastplate of Righteousness to protect his heart and internal organs from being pierces, changing his heart to unrighteous contempt and pride.

The Belt and Guard of Truth which is precious and must be protected at all cost. And the Shoes of Peace, the state of being that Shamayim must be returned to after this violent clash.

Last and must important of Miykael continued dedication, faithfulness and Prayer to the Almighty One as he knelt on knees in the Lords inner court and declares,

"Almighty Elohim, creator of the universe, I pray thee to always remind me, even after this battle to always stay connected to You, the source and never to let pride, darkness and evil to creep into my own heart. I pray that you through the Word and Ruach that you give me strength and agility to take down and disarm the Nachash and his Armies of Darkenss that now come quickly this way. Use me and your other faithful hosts of Malakim, Cherubim and Erelim, two thirds of your total created hosts of Shamayim still loyal to you, as beacons of power, justice and light. Let us be your righteous swords, hammers, arrows and spears in your hands. In thy name and honour only. Amen."

On that note, the trumpets of war were sounded. Shamayim's Warriors of Light were assembled and ready, and the enormous pearly gates were swung open. From without the open gates can be seen a horde of Darkness approaching from the lower realms of Shamayim where they were gathered, lead by a loud noise like distorted music coming from the pipes of the Nachash, where beauty once emanated, like a black cloud, or a swarm of wasps. The battle raged on for a long time. Records say not the duration of the Great War in Shamayim for it existed outside of earthly time as mankind understands to count it, but as it is written in the holy tablets in Shamayim and by the ancient scrolls and scriptures,

'And there was war in Shamayim and Miykael and his Malakim fought against the Dragon, and the Dragon fought and his malakim, and lost the battle, and neither was there any more place for his in Shamayim.

And the Great Dragon was cast out, that old Nachash, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceived the whole world, he was cast out into the earth, and his Malakim were also cast with him.'

As recorded in the Apocalypse of Yohannes (The Revelation of John).


And so this brings us to the Kingdom of Aksum from which Mekonnen, the hero of this tale, and mere chapter, or paragraph, within the grand scheme of the epic battle between Light and Dark, good and evil, that has stretched out for eons. The Sons of Light anticipated the age when the conflict comes to an end.

Nestled in the corner of the land of Kush, where the main source of the Nile River begins, like a precious jewel in the Horn of Africa, flourishes a Kingdom of incense, and spice, beautiful and mysterious for its attractive people and dramatic landscape. Enigmatic for its history, myths and legends, posing somewhat as a second Zion and a worthy alternative to the Holy Land of Israel and a parallel to the city of Jerusalem, even proposing to have the original Ark of the Coventant in their possession for safekeeping until Mashiach comes back to reign on Earth. Famous for its monarch that trace there lineage to the union of King Solomon of Israel and the legendary Queen of Sheba. Thus is the legacy of the city and Kingdom of Aksum, a busy metropolis, colourful, regal, festive, holy and reverent.

This is where our story begins in a land where an agent of the Nachash once raised its ugly head in the form of an evil Serpent-Dragon named Wainaba that ruled the land with terror. Wainaba often demanded the sacrifice of a young virgin, or his subjects would face, death, plagues, diseases, loss of lifestock and famine. Until a Prince Angabo from the land of Sheba across the Reed Sea slew the Serpent Wainaba and liberated the people of Habesha land from its terror. They made Angabo King, who married a local and begat Makeda, the legendary Queen of Sheba, so the legend goes.

Now Prince Mastemo is doing the biddings of his master the Nachash again. Let loose from his prison abyss for a short time, Mastemo is coursing havoc again like he did in ancient times against Moses, Abraham, Ishaac and Yaqob. This time he has greater ambitions as a Principality, to destroy the kingdoms of the Ishim (mankind) and nations of Earth, conquer the Warriors of Light in Shamayim and Earth, and take over the major Kingdoms to pervert the Yashar-Sodi, the Upright Way, to set up the Nachash-Sodi, The Serpents Way, including the two Tzions. Will the Children of Light, who have been squabbling over theology, doctrine and the conquering of lands since the passing of the last apostles of Yahshua Ha Mashiach, be ready and equipped to take on this new treat to their kingdom Realms?

by Matiyas the scribe

Copyright J.M. Griffith, 'Matiyas' 1992, 2010. All rights reserved.

Library of Congress, DC USA, filed 4/2009.

Copyright JeroMe Matiyas, 1992 to 2019 and beyond. All rights reserved.

The MEKONNEN head logo, MEKONNEN word mark and logo, MEKONNEN EPIC mark and logo, and all related characters and elements are trademarks of Jerome Matiyas and Mekonnen Epic Studios.

Registered with Library of Congress as Mekonnen: The Warrior of Light, Part 1, August 2019, and Mekonnen: The Warrior From Aksum (Book1, Part 1, effective 9/5/2017. 

Previous registration with Library of Congress, DC USA, filed 4/2009.

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