The Story

Prologue 01: Malakot

This is the first in a series of audio recordings with the artwork of the Prologue from Mekonnen The Warrior of Light, part one!
Take a listen and look out for more audio/videos in the future right here or in the website.

Story and artwork by Jerome Matiyas,
Reading by Samuel Zelleke,
Audio Equipment and recording by Alex Berardino.
Music/sounds by Drop The Fear and Common Children,
Intro Title animation by Sri Varandan Designers


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Who is Mekonnen

and what is the Story About?

Mekonnen is a fictional character placed in the ancient world with real historical figures and events, mixed in with my own imagination of fantastical situations, creatures, and characters for dramatic effect. He lives in an alternate world where the earthly and spiritual realms intertwine to demonstrate mankind's struggle with his moral shortcomings, attacks, and temptations from evil forces in the world and God's redemption plan for mankind and the battles His heavenly armies fight for us against those evil forces.


The story demonstrates that we must be equipped and prepared to fight these battles. In Mekonnen's world spiritual weapons are manifested naturally as real armor, sword, and shield, empowered by The Almighty Creator of the universe. Mekonnen learns he must also form alliances with fellow warriors from around the world to defeat the invading armies from the dominions of Darkness. The following is a summary of the first illustrated novel, now available on and


A Series of Books With a Cast of

International Characters:


Volume One: The Higher Calling
Book One: The Warrior of Light (Previously titled Warrior From Aksum)


The story begins with Mekonnen and his cousin Afeworki as young warrior guards in the medieval Empire of Aksum. Today that will be northern Ethiopia and Eritrea. Strange men cloaked in hooded apparel and hidden faces attack the royal city of Aksum during the annual festival of Timkat. Mekonnen and his comrades must protect Emperor Gabra Masqal from a possible assassination attempt. But when he and his warrior comrades go after the cloaked Qataliyan into the wilderness and the Simien Mountains, Mekonnen becomes separated from his group and ends up unconscious in a reed boat that drifts down the Nile River into a remote village.

Inhabitants in the village find Mekonnen and when he recovers they introduce him to an enigmatic holy man (Bahetawi) named Abba Shiloh who will become a mentor to the warrior. Here he will also meet the noble Lord Jallel and falls in love with the beautiful Lady Nuhamin. After going on dangerous quests to acquire the Breastplate of Righteousness and Sword of the Spirit, Mekonnen must understand their power through the Words of the Sacred Oracles before he can use them to defeat the Dark Qataliyan and the evil serpent-dragon Waynaba.


Book Two: The Nubian Kingdom Wars

Coming Soon!


Book Three: The Thrones of Egpyt

Coming Soon!


Copyright JeroMe Matiyas, 1992 to 2019 and beyond. All rights reserved.

The MEKONNEN head logo, MEKONNEN word mark and logo, MEKONNEN EPIC mark and logo, and all related characters and elements are trademarks of Jerome Matiyas and Mekonnen Epic Studios.

Registered with Library of Congress as Mekonnen: The Warrior of Light, Part 1, August 2019, and Mekonnen: The Warrior From Aksum (Book1, Part 1, effective 9/5/2017. 

Previous registration with Library of Congress, DC USA, filed 4/2009.

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