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When Darkness descends upon a kingdom, a Warrior most rise up to restore the Light. Mekonnen is a young warrior in the Kingdom of Aksum, 6th century AD during the reign of Negus Gebre Mesqel. After his kingdom is attacked by strange hooded beings of unknown origin, Mekonnen is suddenly caught in an alternate Realm he never thought existed.

He is trusted into a grand adventure as he tracks down the  Hooded Assassins and find out where they came from. Along the way he learns they can only be stopped and destroyed by finding parts of the Armor of God, particularly the Sword of The Spirit, which are hidden in secret locations in the land, and possibly in other parts of the Earthly and Spiritual Realms.  

Copyright JeroMe Matiyas, 1992 to 2019 and beyond. All rights reserved.

The MEKONNEN head logo, MEKONNEN word mark and logo, MEKONNEN EPIC mark and logo, and all related characters and elements are trademarks of Jerome Matiyas and Mekonnen Epic Studios.

Registered with Library of Congress as Mekonnen: The Warrior of Light, Part 1, August 2019, and Mekonnen: The Warrior From Aksum (Book1, Part 1, effective 9/5/2017. 

Previous registration with Library of Congress, DC USA, filed 4/2009.

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