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Jerome Matiyas is a graphic/visual designer, artist, and writer. Born and raised in the festive Caribbean twin-island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, Jerome has been residing in the DMV area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia tri-states), USA since 1998. From a very young age, he has had a love and passion for art, history, film, music, and cultures.


Jerome has a special interest in Biblical studies in scripture and archeology, lost books of the Bible and other ancient Hebrew writings, and Ethiopian & Eritrean culture, history, art, and people. He also loves sci-fi and fantasy movies, books, American and Japanese animation (anime), comic books and graphic novels. He enjoys trying to decipher how the stories relate to the real world of the past, present, and future. All of these interests combined in the making of The Epic Adventures of Mekonnen (Mekonnen Epic).


The Mekonnen Epic stories and illustrations are set in an alternate historical Earth in the 6th century AD, as a young warrior name Mekonnen from the great Empire of Aksum in the highlands of Ethiopia & Eritrea finds himself in a grand cosmic battle between good and evil, Light and Darkness.

The first part of the adventure Mekonnen: The Warrior of Light, part 1 (previously titled The Warrior from Aksum) has been published through Amazon KDP since April 27, 2019. It is now available for purchase in paperback hard copy and Kindle ebook on, and selected bookstores like Sankofa Bookstore in Washington DC. Get your copy today and continue to follow Mekonnen Epic for updates on future books and art releases at, Facebook, and Instagram

Artists and Authors Showcase

These are other artists and authors that I'm either friends with, affiliated with, worked with in the past,  have work that is similar to mines or I'm just a fan of their work. 

Alem Getachew, Artist and Teacher
Alem Getachew is the founder and host artist of Alem Art Center.
She has done a great contribution to the community in Ethiopia and has hundreds of children and adults going to her school to learn how the draw and paint and resight poetry.

She is currently planning to build a new facility for teaching arts and crafts and needs support.
Check out her website, facebook and Instagram profile for details.
Jonas Ameha, Joyab Art Studio Artist
Jonas is a fine artist, graphic artist and art instructor based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is the owner of Joyab Art Studio which was launched to make a difference in the art profession by inspiring the youth in society to have a better understanding of the arts.
Nigel Carrington, Artist & Writer, Starr
Nigel is a talented artist, writer and owner of Starr Skillz Studios. He is the creator of several comic book title listed below.

Join Gun, Ananci, Ant 78, Antress, El-Akin, The Guardians and The Yin Yang Gang as they rescue Ashanti Woods aka Hair from the evil forces of Bio Synth.
Mesh Yisrael, Comic book artist
Meshahraimanuel "Mesh" Yisrael (pronounced Meshuh-ry-man-U-el Yis-rail) of MYis Productions is a Graphic designer and video developer.
He was commissioned by Jerome Matiyas to contribute about 12 pieces of artwork for Mekonnen The Warrior of Light, part 1.
Since 2009 Mesh has invested in his design services business “MYis Productions”. He has created a sci-fi comic book series called Cyber Descent and working on a historical fantasy series called Son of Kush.
J. M. DeSantis, Author and Artist
J. M. DeSantis is a writer and artist (Write-ist™) who’s work has appeared in many diverse industries. He is the author of a number of short stories, books, comics, and artworks, mostly in the fantasy, horror, and humour genres, and is the creator of the South Asian dark fantasy heroine, Chadhiyana (
Beserat Debebe, ETAN Comics, Creator
Beserat Debebe is the creator of ETAN Comics, and creator and writer of the Jember and Hawi comic book series.
Check out the colorful and dynamic comic series now on their website and follow Etan Comics on social media!
Eric Cooper, Author of Knight Seeker Ser
Eric Cooper is a science fiction writer and loves telling original stories with true meaning that adds to other people's lives. Knight Seeker caption novels will change the way you view superheros, and he has a style and a story that is meant to be told.
Check out the books and you will understand.
Simon Amadeus Pillario, Writer, Creator
Based in Bristol, England, Simon has a degree in graphic design and has been writing comics for over 15 years.
Passionate about the full Word of God and unsatisfied with the cut-down, child-friendly Christian comics available he was inspired to create this product for adult readers.
Angel Wars Animated Series
Angel Wars is an animated action adventure series from TeleStoryTOONS and EMI CMG and more recently Twentieth Century Fox. Since its introduction in late 2004, the series has presented Christian-based storylines through 3D animation provided by the LA based Backyard Digital Studios.
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Copyright JeroMe Matiyas, 1992 to 2019 and beyond. All rights reserved.

The MEKONNEN head logo, MEKONNEN word mark and logo, MEKONNEN EPIC mark and logo, and all related characters and elements are trademarks of Jerome Matiyas and Mekonnen Epic Studios.

Registered with Library of Congress as Mekonnen: The Warrior of Light, Part 1, August 2019, and Mekonnen: The Warrior From Aksum (Book1, Part 1, effective 9/5/2017. 

Previous registration with Library of Congress, DC USA, filed 4/2009.

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